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Topics of Interest

  • Qualitative modeling in physical, biological and social sciences, and in engineering
  • Reasoning about space, actions, and change
  • Representations and techniques for qualitative reasoning
  • Methods of integrating qualitative reasoning with other forms of knowledge, including quantitative methods
  • Dynamic spatial systems
  • Cognitive models of qualitative reasoning, QR formalisms for cognitive modeling
  • Formalization, axiomatization, and mathematical foundations of qualitative reasoning
  • The use of qualitative reasoning for diagnosis, design, and monitoring of physical systems
  • Applications of qualitative reasoning, including design, education, science, and engineering
  • Using qualitative reasoning in understanding language, sketches, images, and other kinds of signals and data sources
  • QR 2013 Outreach

    Contributions at recent QR workshops reflect a broad interdisciplinarity comprising of Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, and Engineering. From the viewpoint of basic research questions, QR-2013 aims to strengthen this interdisciplinary interface by directly appealing to the other fields such as:
    • Commonsense and Non-Monotonic Reasoning
    • Geometric, Spatial and Temporal Reasoning
    • Visual and Diagrammatic Reasoning
    • Analogical Reasoning
    • Formal and Applied Ontology

    Application Areas

    QR 2013 seeks to address the role of qualitative modelling, reasoning, and computing in a wide-range of domains such as:
    • Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments
    • Environmental Modelling and Simulation
    • Geographic Information Systems
    • Computational Creativity
    • Experimental Cognitive Robotics
    • Computer-Aided Learning and Education
    • Qualitative Modelling in Cultural Heritage and Art Projects
    • Computer-Aided Design and Analysis for Engineering, Architecture, Urban Planning, Product Design
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