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QR Workshop Venue

QR 2013 will be hosted at Schloss Etelsen, a beautiful summer palace in the outskirts of the city of Bremen. Bremen is connected to major cities by both air and rail:

Schloss Etelsen -BNW-
Bildungswerk der Niedersächsischen Wirtschaft GmbH
Bremer Str. 2
27299 Langwedel
Telefon: 04235 / 9300 - 0

Schloss Etelsen:
Google Maps

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How to Reach the QR Venue

  • Detailed Instructions on reaching the venue: PDF
  • Getting to Bremen: www
Please contact the organisers should you require assistance or if have specific requirements.

The City of Bremen, Germany

The sister cities of Bremen and Bremerhaven delight thousands of visitors each year with their remarkable worlds of discovery, unusual maritime and historical attractions and sensational art and culture. The social events at QR 2013 will guide the workshop participants through some of the cosy streets, and historical monuments in the inner city of Bremen.

General information on the city of Bremen: Bremen Tourism
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The City of Bremen.

Picture credits: Germany, The Travel Destination
BTZ Bremer Touristik-Zentrale (www.bremen-tourismus.de)
Schlachte Marketing und Service Verband (www.schlachte.de)
Universum Bremen (www.universum-bremen.de)
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